Regarding secondary education qualifications obtained in 2020


The Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education would like to reassure everyone that the COVID-19 pandemic and the disruption it has brought to schooling will be taken into account when assessing qualifications awarded in 2020. In all such cases when the relevant authorities issue a qualification providing access to higher education which are documented with the appropriate documentation, these qualifications will be evaluated accordingly. Please be informed that when evaluating secondary education the Centre will take into account the conditions for entry to higher education in that specific country and this will inform the recognition of the qualification and the transfers of grades for those looking to enter higher education in Lithuania. 

There is still a lot that is not known: what kinds of documents institutions will issue, what information they will contain and what changes in admissions will take place in 2020. Most countries do not yet provide information on what the requirements for awarding secondary education qualifications will be. This means that we will be performing individual evaluations once we receive the specific documents awarded because of the changes necessitated by the pandemic and after having gathered all of the information form the relevant education authorities of the country. 

Admissions to Lithuanian higher education institutions will take place later in the year than usual. According to a notice from the National Agency for Education the first stage of admission will carry on until the 18 August, and the additional stage until the 4 September. Additional information can be found on the website of the National Agency for Education (only in Lithuanian):

The common admission to Lithuanian higher education institutions is carried out by LAMABPO and additional information on admission will become available on its website: