Automatic Academic Recognition of Latvian, Estonian, Belgian, Netherlands and Luxembourg higher education qualifications


From 1 May 2024 the higher education qualifications of Latvia, Estonia, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg specified in the Annex 1 of the Agreement on Automatic Recognition of the Benelux and the Baltic States and which meet the conditions set out in the Article 4 are recognised automatically in L…

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Holders of foreign secondary qualifications competing for state funded places can apply for grades conversions


In order to be considered for state-funded admissions to Lithuanian universities and colleges, holders of foreign secondary qualifications, giving accesss to higher education studies, must apply to our office for grades conversion starting on May 13 and will be accepted until August during the  comm…

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Applying for academic recognition


The Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education is responsible for recognition of foreign qualifications giving access to higher education and higher education qualifications for the purposes of further study and/or employment in Lithuania. Starting from 3 March 2020, applications are submitte…

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July 28th marks the end of the first phase of admission to first cycle and long cycle higher education studies at Lithuanian higher education institutions. The second round of admissions will continue until the second half of August.

If you've ever had the question on what you need to know when appl…

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